Planning a litter of AKC a shelties summer 2019!

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Moss Creek Farms - horse farm with a dog family

AKC Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdogs) ("Shelties")


Moss Creek Farms - A Horse Farm with a dog family!   Sheltie love!  About once a year, we are blessed with a litter.

We have a star!

Meet Oliver! He was one of our big boys from the December 6, 2016 litter.   Oliver is a little spoiled by his mom, Nicole, and we think that is wonderful!  In 2018, Oliver was featured in a TV commercial for Roy O’Brien Ford, St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Doesn't he look fabulous in that Ford?  

Meet Happy Little Treasure!  We are proud to have his champion lines join our family.

2nd Generation coming soon!

Developing our line

The next generation begins this summer. The girls, “Shelby’s Sweet Surprise” and “Shelby’s Big Moment” are smaller than mother Shelby, taking on some of Nico’s traits, while exhibiting all of those wonderful nurturing instincts of their mother.  

Above:  Shelby's big Moment takes time out from playing with her siblings to check on Lambchop.

New Sire

We searched high and low for the perfect Sire to mate with our girls. “Happy Little Treasure“ turns 1 year old 5-28-2019, and adds the potential for bi-black and bi-blue babies to the mix.  His compact size may also factor into even smaller puppies; I’ll post his size as he gets older and we are more certain. The girls are 18 and 28 lbs at 9 months.  

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Experienced Breeders

UPDATE: Miss Shelby Moss is passing the torch to her daughters. Look for a litter this summer!!  

I fell in love with Eli, the tricolor Shetland sheepdog, at a farm trade show over five years ago. After about a year, we got his companion Sasha (the bi-blue). As our kids moved out and left holes in our hearts, we filled them with shelties. Another year went by and we got Cash and his friend Gunner, the Australian Shepherd.  I am always careful to be the responsible pet owner and neuter my babies for their health, never thinking of raising puppies. 

In early 2015, a tri-color named Nico (front) came home, and my husband joked if I was going to keep buying puppies, I should consider just raising them - it would sure be cheaper!   I thought it was a wonderful idea. So, I went looking for a Momma dog.  


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Meet Shelby Moss, Matriarch. Her size and strong nurture and protect instincts made her a fabulous mother.  She's a four-year-old snuggle bunny who loves all humans.   She’s a white factor blue merle, and she is Nico’s companion. 

About once a year, she decides she would like some babies, and while we love them dearly, we can't keep them all.  They are adorable white/blue merle and tri-color babies with fun personalities.  Past puppies have grown to be anywhere from 18 to 35 lbs, and all have happy homes with great pet parents who share their journey on our private Facebook group for parents and family of the babies.  Our dogs, and our puppies all live in the home with us and are handled and loved on daily.  We don't do kennels.


A Furever Friend

Shetland sheepdogs are high energy fun-loving animals who enjoy outdoor activities and water fun. Kids like them because they can match their energy and play all day. Parents like them because of their natural instincts to keep everyone together, and to alert to strangers or visitors at home.  They are not usually the quiet type, and are an all-around good family dog or companion.  See details about the breed at

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Our AKC Sheltie puppies are adopted quickly, so reach out to hold your furever friend or if you have any questions. 

Moss Creek Farms AKC Sheltie Puppies

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