Planning a litter of AKC a shelties summer 2019!

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AKC Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdogs) ("Shelties")

Breed information

New puppy to 16 weeks


In the first few days, your puppy will miss his family.  He or she may whine, whimper, howl, or bark during the night. The toy from the puppy house will help calm the puppy because it smells like home. 

Puppy is due for shots at 9, 12, and 15 weeks. Always get all medications from the veterinarian.  Pet stores may not be aware that wormers containing Ivermectin are deadly to the breed. 

Socialize your puppy with other people, dogs, and pets heavily through 16 weeks. 

At 12 weeks they will begin losing baby teeth.  Teething causes chewing behavior. They will chew anything!  

At 16 weeks, they will lose the canine teeth. Adult teet should be starting to come in.  They are still clumsy adorable puppies, and will take lots of naps. 

Sheltie information



  • Loyal
  • loving to all family members
  • smart and easy to train
  • Energetic
  • vocal
  • people pleaser
  • need a job, and may be destructive if allowed to become bored
  • may push food out of the bowl or carry across the room to eat. This is common for docile dogs who do not want to risk altercation or aggression. 
  • may tend to poke or peck you to herd you, your family, pets, into a group. They were bred to find stragglers and bring them back to the herd. They will want the family to be together as well. 

Spay and neuter information


Spaying your female reduces the risk of mammary cancer to near 0%, eliminates chances of ovarian or uterine cancer. It also prevents the bleeding and aggression associated with heat cycles. 

Neutering your male eliminates the chances of prostate and testicular cancer, reduces the likelihood of BPH associated with enlarged prostate that may cause frequent urination, and reduces hyperactivity and aggression due to reduced testosterone levels.